Launch of the new ICMA Learning Lab

The ICMA Learning Lab is a revenue generating resource that offers courses focused on topics in local government. I led the design of the shopping experience, defined the strategy to optimize the learning experience and managed the integration workflow between the platforms.

Full Redesign of the ICMA Member Center

The ICMA Member Center is a program that provides additional services to members and generates revenue for the organization. The goal was to restructure the pricing, communicate the differences between categories and define the included benefits of a membership. I audited the existing experience, identified solutions for improvement, designed conceptual wireframes and developed the webpages.

Full Redesign of the ICMA Job Center

The ICMA Job Center is a custom web application that displays jobs available in local governments for job seekers, and allows employers to purchase and promote job posts. I designed conceptual wireframes and interactive prototypes to define user flows for both the job seeking and employer experiences. As a result of my redesign, the organization saw a 22% increase of revenue in the following fiscal years.

Full Redesign of the ICMA Website

The ICMA website is the primary communication tool for the organization and a resource for local government practitioners. I managed internal ICMA business teams and external partners to define web strategy, develop the information architecture, create scalable design systems and guide web development.